Content Writing Services FAQ

Why invest in web content writing?

Investing your marketing money into content writing can be a great way to grow for your online business. The internet provides information and guidance to online users who are seeking answers and the best way to get your content in front of this audience is to write web content that matches their search queries. Professional content writers can create content to establish your business as the expert in your industry and field of work.

What content writing services do you provide?

We provide content writing services to create engaging content for websites, online ad campaigns (PPC), social media, email campaigns and other online marketing efforts. We use Google’s EAT strategy to create custom content writing strategies for our clients.

Which content marketing services are best for my small business?

The best content marketing service for small business owners is to focus on creating well-written content for your website. Content writing strategies can range from targeting niche SEO keywords, answering frequently asked questions or offering detailed product and services information.

How much do content writing services cost?

The average cost for web content written by a professional writer varies widely. Depending on the content writing agency you hire, content pieces may be priced by the word count or a flat-rate. Most skilled SEO writers charge between 10 cents to 1 dollar per word.

The industry average price for small to midsize businesses can cost $2000 or more per month for content marketing services. SoFloWeb small business client’s are spending on average $125 to $500 month for a content strategy that is just as effective as agencies charging higher rates.