Is SEO Worth It? Does Search Engine Optimization Really Work?

SEO isn’t a scam but some unscrupulous digital marketing companies use the service as an opportunity to charge customers but not actually provide optimization that is beneficial for your website or business goals.

Search Engine Optimization can offer a competitive edge when completed properly by professionals well-versed in SEO best practices and current Google trends. You won’t see results if you trust someone who has a one-size-fits-all mentality.

Find an SEO company with a good reputation, proven results and happy clients. Make sure you are offered an SEO strategy that makes sense for your business.

Your Company Paid For SEO and Now You Think Search Engine Optimization Is A Waste Of Money

We’re sorry to hear you feel this way. The truth is, you picked the wrong people to do the work. Please don’t think it doesn’t work. It really does…. when we do it.

A lot of local businesses experience terrible results after paying big bucks for SEO. The reason why this happens is because you worked with an SEO company that:

  • doesn’t truly understand how search engine optimization works
  • creates a cookie-cutter SEO strategy that isn’t custom tailored for your website
  • doesn’t know how to properly implement search engine optimization tactics
  • has entry-level people doing the work who lack any real experience

Its one or a combination of these scenarios that convinces a small business to believe that SEO doesn’t work and is a complete waste of marketing money.

Is SEO a Ripoff? It Only Is When You Hire The Wrong SEO Company

Let us be clear. The only time you waste money is when you end up hiring and working with scam SEO companies. There are a lot a digital marketing agencies out in the world who make claims they know how to do SEO by providing services to optimize websites for organic search but they never produce any positive results for any of their clients.

You wouldn’t ever know this because they typically have stellar sales people whose only job is to sell SEO services at premium prices. They may produce beautiful presentations outlining their services and tell you about their results rather than pulling up actual Google Analytics or other data reporting platforms to show you factual data. Don’t fall for their smoke and mirrors, some SEO companies will do this to trick you into thinking their services work.

Don’t Sign An SEO Contract That Locks You In

The best SEO companies will work with you on a month to month or on an as-needed basis. That’s how we do it at SoFloWeb. No contracts and no long term commitments. Why? We are confident in our ability to optimize websites and get results. If we weren’t, we would force you sign a long-term contract like a lot of SEO companies require. Once you are locked into an SEO contract, you are stuck paying for SEO whether it produces results or not.

How Do You Know If You Are Working With SEO Experts Who Produce Results?

If you solely base your decision on the SEO companies sales pitch and take their word for what they claim they can do, you are setting your website up for failure. Ask for proof. Not printed out reports or graphs or branded PDFs. Either sit down with them in person or do conference call using screen-share to view real time reporting in Google Analytics, Search Console and other SEO reporting tools if the company uses any. This is the best way to ensure the reports have not been altered to show results that didn’t actually occur.

Are You Getting A Custom SEO Strategy Or The Same One Every Client Gets?

Don’t get stuck working with an SEO company who uses a cookie-cutter strategy for every single client. If you are paying for SEO services, the strategy should be customized for your business and your personal online marketing goals.

When SEO companies churn out the same optimization tactics for every one of their clients, that do not produce good results. How do we know this? At one time or another we have worked for digital marketing companies who had in-house rules for doing the bare minimum at top-dollar rates. It had nothing to do with generating the best SEO results possible, it was all about making the owners of the agency more money.

Don’t Pay Premium Rates For Interns or Entry-Level SEO Specialists Do The Work

While there is nothing wrong with working with people who are learning SEO and being guided by experts, that doesn’t mean you should be paying a company top dollar for SEO services. Make sure to ask the SEO company who will do the work. Are you getting the top SEO expert in the company or are you getting the high school intern who is curious about digital marketing?

If you are paying for professional SEO services, you do not want the actual people doing the work to have barely any SEO experience. You want the experienced specialists to do the work and if the company does bring in new staff or interns, they should be upfront and honest with you about who will handle your SEO tasks. If you are comfortable with your website being handed off to a novice, then its your choice. We just recommend you ask for a discount on SEO services if and when your website is turned into a tutorial lesson.

Avoid Scammers Who Send Messages Through Your Website Forms

Sadly most SEO companies who email you a sales pitch about their services through your website’s contact form or through unsolicited direct messages are scammers just looking to take advantage of companies. These are the bottom-feeders who will take advantage of you and won’t produce real organic growth, or even worse, disappear after you pay upfront fees for SEO services they never have any intention of doing.