Social Media Marketing Tips For Facebook & Instagram Beginners

Building brand awareness isn’t just for large corporations, small businesses can and have created strong, engaging social media campaigns that their clients love to interact with.

Posting frequently is fine as long as you are properly curating your content: keep readers coming back with current information that is relevant to your company, its customers, and whatever you are promoting.

Creating and pre-scheduling your posts ahead of time is absolutely possible with a social media tool. This option can take some of the pressure off of you to create content every day but you can always pop a post in anytime if a sale or information needs to be shared.

How To Use Social Media For Small Business

Business owners just starting out on social media or those who are struggling to get things going. Promoting yourself, your product or the service on social media is a great way to build awareness. It also provides business owners the opportunity to easily connect with people online.

Get The Most Out Of Your Facebook and Instagram Accounts

There are several social media networks that can make the idea of doing any type of social media marketing feel a bit daunting. We recommend you start out with Facebook and Instagram. These two social platforms give small businesses the opportunity to easily reach a large audience. You can build your followers organically over time or you can spend a few dollars to target people who show interest in your industry, business type, product or service.

Start With These Social Media Tips For Beginners

Even if you are new to managing a business page, with a little advice and guidance, you can take your social media posts to the next level. By doing so, you’ll grow the number of followers and increase interactions on posts. The more actions you have on your page, the more people will see it organically. To capitalize on this, we offer some helpful tips to make your posts more engaging, informative and entertaining.

Here is our list of the 5 most important things to keep in mind when starting a small business social media marketing strategy.

Quality Social Posts Over Quantity

When it comes to any kind of digital marketing, including social media, quality over quantity reigns supreme. Social media users are inundated with content from both organic and sponsored sources which makes it imperative that your content stands out. When you focus on creating quality posts to inform or entertain consumers rather than bombarding them with promotional posts, you’ll establish a much better online relationship with people are interested in your company, products or services,

Publish Current and Relevant Content

You’ll want to do your best to post current and up-to-date information on social media. If you are sharing an older piece of content, make sure to read it and if any information is out-dated, take the time to make some edits before sharing it again. Also, make sure to create relevant posts to showcase your business. If you sell dog toys, don’t share posts about cat toys. Stay on topic to find your niche market on Facebook and Instagram.

Post Consistently To Your Accounts

We recommend you pace yourself when kicking off your social media efforts. It’s easier to start slow and then over time increase the frequency of your posts. You want to set smart social media goals from the beginning so you don’t get overwhelmed. Post one to two times per week to start out. If you’re comfortable with the schedule and feel you have time to create more posts, go for it. Just make sure to check your page insights to figure when the best time to post to reach the most people.

Interact and Follow Other Social Media Users

You have three options when it comes to following and interacting with people on social media. The first is to follow other business pages you want to interact with followers on. By following manufacturer, distributor and brand pages, you’ll get access to thousands of potential people who could end up following your page.

The second method is to use your personal account to do some competitor research. It’s one of the best ways to learn what other companies are doing on their social media accounts to promote similar businesses like yours.

The last way to connect with people on social media is to join groups. Find local groups based on geo-locations or interest groups for niche discussions. While most groups won’t allow you openly advertise your business, the time you invest interacting with group members will build your reputation on social media.

Use A Social Media Posting Tool To Save Time

While daily posting is preferred to keep content fresh and new, there are a few options online services for pre-scheduling social media posts so rather than doing it daily. If you can plan ahead due to the type of business you have, you can use an online social network posting service to knock out a few weeks worth at a time.

To save some time posting to your social media accounts, check out the Hootsuite scheduling platform or Organic Social Posting in Mailchimp. Both of these online services allow you to pre-schedule posts to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.