About SoFloWeb

Lake Worth SEO & Web Development Company

We aim to provide website owners affordable web development and digital marketing services. Our diverse background in building WordPress websites and creating online marketing strategies saves clients money and time.

Our experience working with agencies and directly for small businesses or eCommerce companies, has allowed us to develop our skill-set for providing all services in-house. We do not outsource of any of work unless a client has asked us to consult and oversee a project being handled by a 3rd party company.

By hiring us, your online business will be in good hands.

Meet Our Team

Maarit Durity

Director of Digital Marketing

Jason Durity

Director of Web Development

Dana Wolford

Senior SEO and Content Specialist

Our Approach

SoFloWeb believes in providing the best services possible by constantly staying on top of the latest WordPress development, SEO, SEM and content writing trends to ensure we create successful strategies and search engine friendly websites.

We create cost-effective plans for businesses of all sizes. We understand that smaller businesses are under constraints while bigger organizations have larger marketing budgets set aside for web development and online advertising so we take the time to analyze your website, your current marketing and organic search engine presence to figure out the most affordable plan to grow your online business.

No matter what your budget is, talk to us. Let’s see what we can do. We create strategies for small, mid-size and large budgets.

Our Story

We are a family-owned small business based in Lake Worth, FL. As our time at a digital marketing agency we were both working at came to end in early 2019 due to the company closing its doors, we decided it was time for us to invest in ourselves rather than seek out jobs working for a web development or online advertising company in West Palm Beach or Boca Raton.

In our previous careers, we each experienced a variety of office settings, personalities, work ethic while managing and working on projects for an array of clients from all sorts of industries. One of the biggest obstacles we faced was the “stay in your lane” mentality which is difficult when you specialize in more than one skill-set. While we respect this management style, we do not agree always with it when it hinders a client from getting the best results possible.

Our choice to go on our own came after a discussion about what we should do. The only option that made sense was to finally start our own WordPress website development and digital marketing company. It was time for us to build our own company from the ground up like we have done for so many others.

SoFloWeb was born from a desire to provide the best web development and the best digital marketing services we could possibly offer to business owners. It was frustrating for us to watch a website project or a marketing strategy unfold where best practices were not used. We can now talk openly with clients about their website, content, search engine optimization and online marketing strategies because the feedback we provide is for the best interest of your business, it’s never personal.

Now we have the opportunity to help businesses of all sizes and eCommerce website owners improve their online presence and branding. We love what we do and it shows in our work. We hope we can prove this to you by working together.

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