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SoFloWeb provides affordable website search engine optimization services for local businesses, eCommerce, franchise, corporate and blog websites. Our SEO services are customized to target organic traffic from Google for niche keywords and phrases. We are SEO experts with years of experience working alongside companies of all sizes to produce cost-effective SEO strategies that produce positive results.

We use a holistic approach to providing search engine optimization services. Our SEO team works diligently to increase your page rankings and organic search traffic for niche keywords and long-tail phrases that will bring more website users and foot traffic to your business location.

Contact us at (561) 290-2980 for more information. You can also request a quote for SEO services online to receive pricing on a custom-tailored search engine optimization strategy.

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Search Engine Optimization Service

Our team uses white hat SEO tactics when providing search engine optimization services. We work diligently to increase your page rankings and organic search traffic for niche keywords and long-tail phrases by planning well-thought-out strategies to bring more users to your website.

SEO services are needed for businesses to thrive online. Your competitors are doing it and outranking you for target keywords your business should dominate. We have fine-tuned our SEO strategy process to develop a proven method. With over ten years of experience in search engine optimization and driving organic website traffic, SoFloWeb is the best SEO company for your online marketing solutions.

Our 9-step SEO plan is custom-tailored for your business to produce positive results.

SEO Ideas and Strategy

Step 1: Discussing Your Online Marketing Goals To Create The Best SEO Strategy

SoFloWeb creates SEO strategies to target your ideal customer or follower base. We’ll listen to your needs and build a custom-tailored SEO plan to get your website to rank better on search engine result pages. Our SEO experts will bring good quality organic traffic to your website that generates more sales and lead conversions.

Search Engine Optimization Audit

Step 2: Technical & On-Page Search Engine Audit

Our website SEO audit helps us figure out the strengths and weaknesses of your current website optimization. During the audit, we check 13 metrics to generate an SEO score for your website. We analyze your website’s on-page and technical aspects, allowing us to create the best SEO strategy possible to address issues that may be hindering people from finding your web pages when they search in Google or Bing.

SEO Competitor Analysis

Step 3: Competitor Analysis To Spy On Your Online Rivals

We evaluate your top three online competitors to find out what they are doing and how what strategies they are using. Our analysis looks at their organic search presence, online marketing efforts using PPC campaigns, and social media activity. We use this information to plan our SEO approach to moving your website above competitors’ organic results for topic-relevant keywords and phrases.

SEO Keyword Research Services

Step 4: Keyword Research To Discover Target Words & Words

Our professional keyword research process helps us identify relevant words or phrases people seek. Through our discovery research, we find the best keywords we should target for your business and locate specific topics and trending information users are currently searching for by using several popular online tools to compile the report. We locate the best words to optimize your website.

Professional SEO Strategy

Step 5: Professional SEO Plan To Meet Your Business Objectives

The SoFlo SEO plan we provide is unique to your business. Our search engine optimization strategy creation process uses your SEO audit, keyword research and competitor analysis to provide you with the best strategic plan for optimizing your website to perform better in organic search results. We suggest search engine optimization tactics, including local SEO, that produce organic growth while staying within your online marketing budget.

Successful SEO Strategy

Step 6: Implement Approved SEO Strategy

Our team is hyper-focused on ensuring your SEO is done properly and on time. When we tell you what we are working on, it gets done. We make sure to do it right the first time and always meet the deadlines. Our team constantly communicates with you during the process and requires approval before any work we do is loaded on your website. It’s our way of guaranteeing the work we provide meets your standards.

SEO Content Writing Services

Step 7: Improve Existing On-Page Text and Write New Content

We help improve low-quality content on your website, which can cause you to lose organic web traffic. Our team improves your existing content to eliminate badly written text which can cause search engines to ignore your web pages. We will also create new pages to target users’ popular phrases and questions and write content to gain more organic traffic for trending topics pertaining to your industry that people are searching for.

Monitor SEO Traffic and Keywords

Step 8: Monitoring Website Traffic Stats and Keyword Rankings

We check progress almost daily. It’s an effective way to gauge what is working and what is not. This allows us to improve your organic presence by modifying your SEO strategy if we see opportunities for a keyword or content targeting within your reporting that we know we can quickly implement to gain additional organic traffic or increase keyword rankings rapidly.

Monthly SEO Reports

Step 9: Refine SEO Strategy To Improve Organic Traffic and Keyword Rankings

Google constantly changes its core algorithm, but users also change how they search for products and services over time. This means the SEO your website is using may not produce the same results it did initially. We constantly refine your SEO strategy to ensure your web pages dominate search results by offering new suggestions to make sure your website uses the latest tactics.

Organic Search Engine Optimization Services

Our SEO company ensures your business can be found when people search for words and phrases about your services or products. Our team gets your web pages to appear in search engine results by properly optimizing on-page elements and implementing the custom SEO strategy we create for your website. SoFloWeb can get your website to rank for niche and long-tail keywords, placing your online business in good search engine result page positions. We work to place your business into top positions within organic results to reach the right people.

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SEO Services FAQ

Our Team Uses Proven SEO Tactics When We Optimize Business Websites To Show Up In Organic Search Results

While our clients see long-term effects from using our services, maintaining top positions for words and phrases you are ranking for requires ongoing search engine optimization on your website. SEO is constantly evolving and changing due to Google core algorithm updates which means your web pages could lose their position at the top of search results if you neglect them or use outdated tactics from last year. You can also lose traffic to your website because your competitors are aggressively editing their content and revising META titles or descriptions to keep them fresh and new. By ensuring your website is constantly worked on, search engines won’t penalize your pages for becoming stale.

Why invest in SEO?

Investing your marketing money into SEO will produce long-term results. In 2021, it was estimated that over 2.14 billion people worldwide are expected to buy goods and services online. If you wonder if SEO services are worth it, the answer is yes. Websites need SEO so people can find them. Your website must rank on page 1 when consumers search for keywords matching your products or services to get organic traffic. One of the best ways to increase leads is to have a website show up in organic web results.

What SEO services does SoFloWeb provide?

We provide local, regional and national level SEO services. Our search engine optimization services include optimizing your website or organic search, writing content to target specific SEO keywords and phrases, and updating and managing Google My Business map listings. The SoFloWeb team also provides SEO audits, keyword research and competitor analysis to create successful SEO strategies.

Which SEO marketing services are best for my small business?

The best SEO marketing services for business owners are optimizing your META titles and descriptions for search, quality content writing services that follow Google’s EAT content strategy requirements and optimizing your Google My Business listing to rank better in organic map results.

How much do SEO services cost?

The average cost for search engine optimization services can range widely depending on the SEO agency you choose to work with. Depending on the SEO strategy you choose for your website, a basic SEO strategy for a small business website can range from $100 to $10000. Some SEO companies provide a one-time service, while most will try to lock you into a monthly SEO payment plan. We don’t do that. We are on a pay-as-you-go, as-needed basis. Our company charges an average of $500.00 to optimize a 10-page website. Our local competitors, who also provide SEO services, charge around $1500 to optimize the same number of web pages.

“We have the knowledge and experience to help improve your small business website and expanding online presence with our proven digital marketing strategies.”

Affordable WordPress SEO Services

We’re a full-stack web agency which means we offer a full lineup of online services ranging from creative design and website development to SEO management and content writing services. We handle everything online for small businesses cutting costs with our affordable WordPress website development and digital marketing services.

Local SEO Services


SoFloWeb creates a local SEO strategy to target customers living in and visiting the area where your business is located. We work with you to create a custom search engine optimization plan for your site to improve rankings in search engine result pages when people search for businesses like yours within their community. Our SEO experts work to bring more customers to your business location and website.

Optimize Local Business Listings


Our SEO team will create, fix and clean up your local business listings. We start with your Google My Business profile to get maximum exposure on the search results page and within Google Maps. We will also assist with improving local citations (directory listings) like Yelp and Travelocity pages to improve your online presence when people seek businesses like yours.

Content Writing For Local SEO


We write new content to target keywords and phrases that will help move your website into the top search results, and we will also revise your existing text on web pages to better optimize it for local search. Experienced SEO copywriters write the localized content we create. The SoFloWeb team has years of experience and success in creating local content that connects with consumers in your designated market area.

Our Pledge
To Clients
We Work With

Top Rated SEO Agency in West Palm Beach

No Set-up Costs or Hidden Monthly Service Fees

Our clients know exactly what they are paying for when they work with our SEO company. You’ll pay for optimization services as needed, and we never charge our clients a set-up fee to work with us or monthly service charges. All search engine optimization and SEO content writing service costs are outlined and provided in writing that require authorization before we begin working.

No Contracts For Long-Term Commitment

We do not lock you into a long-term monthly or annual contract like many SEO companies require. We are confident in our abilities to complete the SEO work you hire us to do, and at any point in time, you can pause or end services. We will never force you to work with us for an extended period of time. Hire us for a one-and-done project, or work with us on a month-to-month basis as long as you want.

Honesty, Integrity & Transparency

We strive to provide the highest level of ethical principles. Clients have complete ownership of the work we create. We use industry best practices when building websites and developing online marketing or content strategies. We believe in honest and open communication by discussing what works, what doesn’t and what needs improvement to continue growth.

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Organic Search Engine Optimization Services

Our SEO services are affordable for small business owners, start-ups and franchisees. Contact us at (561) 290-2980 for more information. You can also request a quote for search engine optimization services online to receive pricing on a custom-tailored SEO strategy.

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We work with business owners in Palm Beach County and throughout the State of Florida.

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Local SEO Services in Florida

Our SEO services make sure your business can be found when people search for words and phrases that pertain to the services or products you sell. Our team ensures your web pages show up in search engine results by properly optimizing on-page elements and implementing the custom SEO strategy we create for your website. SoFloWeb can get your website to rank for niche and long-tail keywords which place your online business in good search engine result page positions. We work to place your business into top positions within organic results to reach the right people.