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Website Copywriting Services In Florida

SoFloWeb delivers high-quality content writing services with SEO in mind. Our content writing team writes original white-label content that is 100% yours to keep and use wherever you want. Our proven content writing strategies help improve page rankings in organic search for keywords you desire to show up in Google results when someone does a search.

We create the best online content marketing strategies for small business websites. You’ll get relevant content optimized for search engines, so people find your website in Google search results.

SEO Content Strategists

We take time to learn about your business and your competitors so we can provide the best website content marketing strategy for your website. We research trending and other relatable topics that online users are currently searching for on Google. All of the content we write is intended to position your small business as a local industry expert. You’ll get professionally written website content related to your industry using a narrative “voice” that appeals to your consumer audience.

Website Search Engine Optimization Content Services

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Copywriting Agency in South Florida

White Label Copywriting Services

We write content for humans and not search engine bots which is one of the unique qualities that set us apart from other content writing agencies. Our web content strategists do extensive research and use website data to create engaging and informative content ideas. We’ll come up with new content ideas your target audience is likely to find in organic search results because the topics answer a question or provide a solution to a problem they have. You’ll get content written about trending topics that include highly searchable keywords you want to target in search engine results.

What you get when you work with our white label content writers:

  • Plagiarism-Free & 100% Unique Content
  • Research-Based Keyword Targeting
  • Topic Relevant & Trending Content Ideas
  • Spellchecked & Proofread Content

Our content marketing strategy is custom-tailored for your business to produce positive results.

SEO and Keyword Targeted Content Creation

SEO Content Services

New Content For Websites Using SEO Best Practices

We write new web content and optimize existing content to improve your page rankings in organic search results using our SEO-proven results writing strategies. The SEO-targeted content we write helps position your web pages above your competitors in Google search results for keywords related to your services or products.

Article and Blog Post Content Writing

Article and Blog Post Content Writing

Interesting and Informative Topic Relevant Web Content

We’ll write content for your website to promote, educate and inform online users and followers about the products, services or information you provide. Our experienced SEO content writers create professionally written website content and blog posts for topics people search for answers to or seek more information about.

Online Ad Campaign Copywriting

Online Ad Campaign Copywriting

Engaging Ad Copy For Search Engine and Social Media Advertising

Our PPC expert will write new ad copy for your campaigns and help improve existing online ads that are underperforming. We help website owners and marketing specialists who are struggling to come up with the right words for their ad text that connect with the target audience.

Social Media Content For Posts

Social Media Content For Posts

Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter Post Creation

Our content writer conceptualizes high-quality content ideas to create engaging posts that your social media audience will interact with by liking, sharing or commenting. We can assist in promoting your Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter account by writing social media posts that educate your followers about your brand.

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Small Business Content Writing

We Create SEO Friendly Content That You Own 100%

When hiring a company to write content for your website, you want to make sure that you get 100% ownership of every word written. There are a lot of content writing companies that will write unique content for your company however you do not actually own the rights to it. You are renting the content as long as you continue to pay the agency. When you part ways with a content writing company, you have to remove all of the content they provided from your website, online marketing ads and even from your social media accounts.

SoFloWeb always creates content that is yours to keep no matter how long you work with us. We’ll help you come up with topic ideas or you can request specific subject matter you would like written. We’ll write it, you’ll review it and we’ll work together to fine-tune it until you approve it.

Affordable Web Content Writing Packages

Want new content for your website, online marketing ads or social media pages without breaking the bank? We provide affordable website content writing packages. You’ll get quality content that is custom written for your business consisting of topics and information that people are searching for online.

Contact us at (561) 290-2980 for more information about our web content writing packages. You can also request a quote for content services online to receive pricing on a custom-tailored content strategy.

Content Writing Services FAQ

Why invest in web content writing?

Investing your marketing money into content writing can be a great way to grow your online business. The internet provides information and guidance to online users who are seeking answers and the best way to get your content in front of this audience is to write web content that matches their search queries. Professional content writers can create content to establish your business as an expert in your industry and field of work.

What content writing services do you provide?

We provide content writing services to create engaging content for websites, online ad campaigns (PPC), social media, email campaigns and other online marketing efforts. We use Google’s EAT strategy to create custom content writing strategies for our clients.

Which content marketing services are best for my small business?

The best content marketing service for small business owners is to create well-written content for your website. Content writing strategies can target niche SEO keywords, answer frequently asked questions or offer detailed information about products and services.

How much do content writing services cost?

Web content written by a professional writer varies widely in pricing. Depending on the content writing agency you hire, content pieces can be priced by word count or a flat rate. Most skilled SEO writers charge between 20 cents to 1 dollar per word. Topics that require extensive research will cost more to write.

The average industry price for small to midsize businesses can cost $1000 or more per month for content marketing services. SoFloWeb small business clients are spending on average $200 to $500 a month for a content strategy that is just as effective as agencies charging higher rates.

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