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Microsites For Google Adwords Ad Campaigns

Benefits of Creating Microsites For Google Adwords Campaigns

Advertise Products or Services Using Microsites We apologize if you hate spiders. The arachnid and its sticky web in the ...
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Future Google Algorithm Update Predictions

Predictions For Future Google Search Engine Algorithm Updates

How The New Core Web Vitals Reporting In Search Console Will Pave The Way For Algorithm Changes In recent months, ...
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Core Web Vitals Measure UX

How Google’s Core Web Vitals Will Measure User-Experience (UX)

3 New SEO Metrics For Ranking Pages In Organic Search Results You may have seen a link pop up in ...
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Use Synonyms When Writing SEO Content

Why You Should Use Synonyms When Writing Content For SEO Purposes

Related Words Will Help Improve Keyword Rankings In Organic Search Results It is important to use similar words when writing ...
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2020 Best Online Marketing Tools For Small Business

Best Online Marketing Tools For Small Business Website Owners in 2020

Popular Digital Marketing Tools We Recommend To succeed online you will have to time and effort into your digital marketing ...
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Google My Business Listing

How To Get Your Business Listing To Rank Higher on Google Maps Results

Optimize Your Google My Business Listing To Perform Better in Local Search Results Creating a business listing on Google Maps ...
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Small Business Web Design and Development

Small Business Web Design and Development Options To Build a Website

The Best Website Builders For Small Business Owners in 2020 Your website is an extension of your business. It is ...
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Stopping SEO During Coronavirus

Why Stopping SEO During Shutdowns Could Hurt Your Business More

Preventing The Loss of Business During Global Pandemics These are trying times for small business owners who are forced to ...
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DIY Small Business Marketing

Small Business DIY Marketing May End Up Costing You More Money

Why You Should Hire A Digital Marketing Specialist For Your Small Business? TIME EQUALS MONEY! As a small business owner ...
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Report Fake Business Locations On Google Maps

How To Report Fake Locations Found In Google Maps Business Listings

Reporting Fake Addresses In GMB Places Here in South Florida, we have a problem with business owners who are rampant ...
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Small Business Is Failing Online

5 Reasons Why Your Small Business Website Is Failing & How To Fix It

Common Mistakes Made By Small Business Website Owners That Can Be Easily Resolved The goal of this article is to ...
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Small Business Social Media Marketing Tips For Beginners

Social Media Marketing Tips For Facebook & Instagram Beginners

How To Use Social Media For Small Business Business owners just starting out on social media or those who are ...
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SEO Marketing Services For Small Business

SEO Services For Small Business

Search Engine Optimization Marketing Can Be Affordable Long before SoFloWeb existed, we owned a small online e-commerce business and our ...
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How To Get Your Web Content To Show In The Google Featured Snippet

How Do I Get My Site Content Featured In Google Search Results?

What You Can Do To Land Google's Featured Snippets Spot While there is no guarantee that your website will end ...
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Write Quality Content For Better SEO

Write Web Page Content For Humans, Search Engines Like Google Prefer It

Focus on Writing Quality Content It is time you changed your mentality about the way your web content is written ...
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Speak To Device and Featured Snippet SEO

Search Engine Rankings From Voice Searches & Featured Snippets

Expand Your Keyword Targets For Voice Searches Long gone are the days of landing page 1 results for very targeted ...
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5 Basic Steps of an SEO Strategy

5 Basic Steps of an SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals Optimizing a website for the first time can seem a bit intimidating to someone who hasn't ...
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Does SEO Work? Good SEO Is Worth It

Does Search Engine Optimization Really Work? Is SEO Worth It?

Your Company Paid For SEO and Now You Think Search Engine Optimization Is A Waste Of Money We're sorry to ...
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Successful Local SEO For Small Businesses

Local SEO For Small Businesses: Rank Higher In Search Engine Results

How To Outrank Your Local Competitors In Organic Search Results We'll get right to the not so secret formula for ...
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2019 Google Core Algoritm Update

June 2019 Google Broad Core & Diversity Algorithm Update

Another Search Engine Update Rolled Out Google confirmed another algorithm update has been made to their search engine between June ...
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How To Write Good SEO Content

Helpful Tips For Writing Quality SEO-Friendly Content Pages

How To Write Content To Attract More Organic Search Engine Traffic To Your Website Have you heard the saying, "Content ...
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Securing WordPress Websites Against Hackers & Malware

Secure Your WordPress Sites, Themes, Plugins and Servers From Hackers

Is Your WordPress Website or Hosting Server Compromised? There are typically two primary reasons a WordPress website or its server ...
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ADA Compliance and Your Website

Why Its Important To Make Your Website ADA Law Compliant

Americans with Disabilities Act For Web Accessibility Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has been in law since 1990, well before ...
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Paying Search Engine Optimization Companies For Backlink Services in 2019

Should You Buy SEO Backlinking? We say no, your online marketing budget can be spent on other SEO tactics that ...
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2019 Google Core Algoritm Update

March 2019 Google Core Algorithm Update

New Search Engine Algorithm Update Confirmed By Google Google has confirmed there has indeed been a major update to their ...
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