PPC Ad Management Services

Small Business Pay Per Click Local Campaigns

SoFloWeb helps small business and large e-commerce store owners bring in new customers by setting up paid search marketing campaigns. We help our clients cut PPC costs by eliminating wasteful spending by constantly monitoring accounts. We provide affordable PPC services that meet the needs and budgets of any size company. You’ll get a fully customized PPC strategy for your website that will generate more ad impressions, click-through rate (CTR) and conversions.

Our in-house PPC expert helps companies grow their online presence by:

  • Boosting ROI By Cutting Wasteful Spending
  • Improving Volume and Quality of Conversions
  • Reducing Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)
  • Decreasing The Amount of Account Discrepancies

Stop Losing Website Visitors to Your Competitors

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Paid Online Advertising Strategies

We’ll drive more traffic to your website by creating a custom PPC strategy specific for your business while eliminating wasted spending in your ad campaigns. Our search engine marketing services use well thought-out strategies to deliver results. The right PPC campaign plan can produce vast improvement in the performance of search and social media advertising. We know how to generate the right kind of traffic to your website that results in more sales and lead conversions.

Our PPC expert will create an affordable online advertising strategy to bring more converting users to your website.

Search and Display Ads

Google Search and Display Ad Campaigns

Text and Banner Ads On Google, Bing and Search Partner Websites

We will set up your Google campaigns from scratch to ensure your ads reach the right people. We create a custom PPC strategy so we can produce more traffic and revenue for your business while bringing down your advertising cost for better ROI from your online marketing budget.

Social Media Campaigns

Social Media Campaigns and Post Boosts

Get More Social Media Likes, Shares and Followers Through Paid Ads

We increase your social media engagement with highly targeted, relevant ads and post boosts to reach people who are most likely to interact with your business. Ads posted to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin can be targeted to reach specific users based on demographics, geographical and personal interests. We’ll grow your audience, increase your traffic while saving you time and money.

Retargeting & Remarketing Campaigns

Retargeting & Remarketing Campaigns

Serve Ads To People Who Visited or Interacted With Your Website

We offer retargeting ad campaign development and management services. Our strategy ensures the remarketing ads we create will entice users to come back and convert. Using our well-designed PPC retargeting plan we’ll help bring back users who visited or interacted with your business by displaying  ads on other websites.

Local Google Map Ads

Google Map Ads For Local Businesses

Show Sponsored Local Search Ads In Map Results

Google Maps ads is one of the best PPC advertising options for local businesses. We’ll create a local search campaign that will display your ad within the local business search results list and on the map itself. With these ads your business will rank above organic results for keywords related to your location, products or services.

Get The Best ROI From Your PPC Campaigns

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SoFloWeb’s Approach To PPC Advertising Campaigns

Assisting Companies Grow Their Business Through ROI-Driven PPC Strategies

Pay per click (PPC) advertising allows you to target keywords that your business wants to dominate in search results or complement your SEO tactics by securing the top sponsored positions. We offer flexible PPC campaign management service plans to meet the needs and budget of any size company.

Our focus when working on your PPC campaigns is to increase your revenue while minimizing your ad spend. We do this by monitoring, testing and adjusting campaign and ad group settings to make sure you’re getting the best return possible from your PPC marketing budget.

Our Digital Marketing Company Hates Contracts! No Commitment Needed For PPC Services

Our pay-per-click services require no contractual obligations to lock you in for any period of time. You work with us as long as you want or only when you need us. We also only bill you for the actual time we work on your account so there is no monthly rate for maintenance nor do we charge you a percentage of your ad budget to pay for our services. This is one of the things that makes us unique from other digital marketing agencies who also provide PPC services.

SoFloWeb offers all in one digital marketing services so we cater to your needs. We fit within your online marketing budget by offering affordable PPC plans.

Contact us at (561) 290-2980 for more information or request a quote for PPC services online to receive pricing on a custom-tailored PPC strategy.

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