Write Web Page Content For Humans, Search Engines Like Google Prefer It

Write informative website content and blog posts that are written to engage and inform readers while being both easy to read and search-friendly.

Make sure your web page content is current by regularly reviewing and updating the information on your website including revising blog posts to ensure the content is up to date and conveys accurate information.

Whether you’re writing web content, blogs or articles, it is important that you write for human readers rather than the old, outdated technique of writing for search bots.

Focus on Writing Quality Content

It is time you changed your mentality about the way your web content is written. Gone are the days of creating content for the sake of creating it that lacks any valuable or educational information. The sole purpose of this old style of content was to gain users from organic results which it does however bounce rates on these pages are typically high.

That is why engaging content is absolutely necessary. Just because your existing page may rank OK in search results and bring traffic to your website, does it convert? If not, it is time to re-evaluate the text on each of your web pages and blog posts.

You may not need to completely rewrite all of the content, but it is time to improve it by:

  • Format content on page to make it easier to read by adding heading titles to break up content sections.
  • Remove outdated details and replace it with current up-to-date information.
  • Rewrite on-page content so it no longer caters to search engines. humanize it.
  • Add additional content to the page that answers frequently asked questions or concerns.

When updating your content, don’t cram the page with too much information. Make sure the content flows and is easy to read. You can always create a new page for the content you don’t use to create another great and informative page.

Stop Writing Content To Please Search Engine Bots

Since 2014, Google has been working on their search engine results by publishing several algorithm updates that have all been geared towards the quality of content found on web pages. Gradually they have made changes to their search engine and how it ranks pages in their search results.

The push for web site owners to create quality content will be at an all-time high in 2020. Rather than writing content you think Google may like, create content your website users will love.

  • Write content for humans and not bots.
  • Answer their questions.
  • Provide them with solutions to their problems.
  • Become the source they trust.

Our Digital Marketing Agency Can Help Rewrite Your Old Content

We can take your existing web content and revamp it for the new decade. We’ll make your content current and informative while using proven SEO tactics. Contact SoFloWeb for a content writing quote.