June 2019 Google Broad Core & Diversity Algorithm Update

In this latest Google algorithm update, mainly news and online media websites were affected, causing them to lose their traction in search rankings

This update consisted of 2 parts: A broad core algorithm change as well as a diversity algorithm, which may have an effect on how your website ranks going forward.

Often, Google updates lack detailed information leaving digital marketers to pull reports, check analytics and follow a trail of changes to actually figure out what the update did so clients’ sites can be optimized to mitigate the new algorithms.

Another Search Engine Update Rolled Out

Google confirmed another algorithm update has been made to their search engine between June 3rd to June 8th. What made this update different from previous ones is that Google’s search liaison, Danny Sullivan, announced this one on Twitter.

Google Broad Core Algorithm Changes

While information about the changes made are limited, it appears some news and online publication websites were hit the hardest losing the largest amounts of organic traffic. Through online chatter from people who follow Google’s changes closely, a few notable things have been mentioned.

Corey Savard from TechWyse mentioned While the details of the update are scarce, it’s telling in the sites that took the most notable dips: soft news sites. along with saying that both DailyMail and CCN suffered from this update.

Two Updates In One – Diversity Algorithm Also Implemented

During the update, a smaller, secondary change was also made which is being called a diversity algorithm update. This particular update consisted of Google wanting to show a wider range of pages in search results from different domains rather than having a single website dominate majority of the positions.

While all of our client’s website fared well through this update, we did notice that Amazon product links are showing up more often and in prominent top positions beating out a lot of smaller Ecommerce websites that used to rank well. We even saw competitor websites of our clients that we track who lost ranking in search engine result pages for very specific product related target keywords.

To read more about the diversity algoritm update, check out this article from Search Engine Land, “Google’s Diversity Update Was Pretty Minor“.

Did Your Website Experience A Traffic Drop?

If you need help, ask us to take a look at your website and we can work together to bounce back from the decline in web traffic from the algorithm updates implemented by Google. Request a quote for services and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.