How To Update PHP in WordPress

Safely Upgrade Your WordPress PHP To The Latest Version

Did you receive a notification that your WordPress PHP is out-dated and a new version is required? It happens, sometimes a little too often.

If you just got one, the easiest way to fix it is to forward the information to your web developer. They know what needs to be done and can usually take care of it quickly.

For those of you who do not have a developer on hand, you can update your own PHP with some instruction. You’ll need some web development knowledge in case something goes wrong and you have to restore the website. Other than that, the process is pretty straight-forward.

Should I Update My PHP?

Absolutely. Having the latest version of PHP on your WordPress websites not only allows it to operate faster but it also makes it more secure. If you avoid updating your PHP, you’ll risk having your website hacked with malware.

It’s a lot easier and cheaper to update your website’s PHP than it is to restore or rebuild it. By updating your PHP you’ll also prevent error messages and warning from appearing on your website.

Will Updating PHP Break My Website?

It can, without taking precautions. Updating your PHP could break your website if the theme, plugins or other website elements are not compatible with the new version of PHP.

Make a Backup of Your WordPress Website

Make a backup of your website before you start the update just in case something goes wrong. A web developer can restore your website if you have a full backup. If not, you may experience problems with your website.

Due to the delicate nature of websites, especially older ones, it is best to hire a professional web developer to update your PHP.

How Do I Upgrade My PHP

First you should check to see which version of WordPress your website is using. You’ll find the version number in the bottom right hand corner in the admin panel of the website. Just scroll down a bit and you’ll see it.

Then head over to your web hosting account to see what version of PHP your server using. You’ll need to check to see if the versions are compatible with each other and whether an update is available. To find out what PHP version of WordPress works with, go here –

For the most current PHP version available, check out

Update PHP Instructions

Every web hosting company provides support documentation on how to upgrade your PHP. Here are instructions on how you can update your PHP depending on where your website is hosted.

Pressable PHP Support Documentation

HostGator PHP Support Documentation

GoDaddy PHP Support Documentation

Bluehost PHP Support Documentation