Why You Should Use Synonyms When Writing Content For SEO Purposes

Choosing the right keywords, long-tail-keyword phrases and similar words as part of your SEO strategy is a good way to connect across multiple audiences.

Success with keywords starts with knowing what a synonym is and the understanding that in different areas, people may use different words to search for the same thing.

Having trouble coming up with more than one word or phrase for your product or service? Search for a similar item, ask a friend how they’d search or try an online thesaurus.

Related Words Will Help Improve Keyword Rankings In Organic Search Results

It is important to use similar words when writing content. Most words have a synonym version. While you may use one version of a word, the person seated next to you may use a different word to describe the same exact thing.

Synonyms Are Valuable When Writing Content

Google’s algorithm uses latent semantic indexing (LSI) to examine keywords. When people search online for specific topic, organic search results usually contain synonyms. These relatable keywords help search engines determine the relevance of the content to a subject matter.

Regional Word Variations In The USA

There are a variety of different dialects in the United States. A person’s vocabulary can vary based on the location they are from. You’ll want to include keywords or phrases with your content to target different regions.

Someone from New York will use a completely different lingo when speaking compared to a person from North Carolina or Florida. If you are writing content to grow your statewide or national audience, you will need to use word variations to reach a variety of consumers.

Do You Ask for a Soda, a Pop, or a Coke?

I’ll use the words “Soda”, “Pop” and “Coke” as an example. I’ve used this word combo for years to show clients how synonyms play an important role in SEO content marketing strategies.

  • I call it a soda.
  • My friend from New Hampshire says it is a pop.
  • An acquaintance from Georgia would call it a coke no matter what kind of carbonated beverage it is.

The same type of word play strategy can help improve your content. It will expand your keyword reach in organic searches. Use a combination of words that means the same thing rather than repeating the same keyword over and over again. By writing content with a variety of words that all mean the same thing, you’ll reach a larger audience of people.

Here are a few more examples of industry specific keyword synonyms:

  • Automotive – Car, Vehicle, Automobile, Auto
  • Retail – Shirts, T-Shirts, Blouses, Tops
  • Hospitality – Hotel, Motel, Resort, Lodging
  • Retail – Sales, Promotions, Deals, Discounts, Clearance
  • Service – Air Conditioner, Air Conditioning, AC, A/C, HVAC

Content Writing Tools To Find Relatable Words

Coming up with the right words can be difficult at times. We just forget how many different synonyms there are.

If you suffer writer’s block when trying to come up with word variations for your content or just want to expand your vocabulary, we recommend using these two tools: