Small Business Web Design

Web Design Services For Small Business

Having a website is one of the best marketing tools. Professional small business web design services can grow your company’s visibility online. It’s an investment worth considering if you want to grow your business. Combined with proven digital marketing strategies that include SEO, PPC and Social Media, the possibility of reaching new customers online is very likely when implemented by a small business website expert.

Local Business Web Design Company

Finding a local web design company that provides professional and affordable services is critical for many small business owners. Keeping online marketing costs down is vital for many businesses that do not have large budgets to invest in digital marketing.

Making a custom website for a business that only sells products or services in their local area is a cost-effective way to create a new source for lead generation and sales. Customers are also more likely to trust and do business with companies with a visible online presence.

People feel safer buying services or products from your business if they can find an official company website and positive online reviews on Google. This is why every business should have a website, even if it is a single-page website. The website URL can be used on business cards, printed or television ads and as the website link on your Google My Business map listing.

Small Business Website Development

A trusted company’s affordable web design and development services can help your small business website reach the maximum number of customers in your business area. Current web design strategies that are considered SEO-friendly consist of more than just making the website look good. A professional will build a great website design with an understanding of the importance of user experience.

  • You’ll also want it to be a mobile-friendly, responsive website.
  • You’ll need a professional content writer knowledgeable in engaging web content that ranks well in Google.
  • You’ll want to work with an expert SEO strategist to determine the best keywords to target to improve web page ranking in organic search results.

When it’s time to get started, one of the most important decisions you’ll make in the beginning is to determine the primary purpose of your website. Do you want a small business website because you want people to find your business online or ready for a new source of sales? Whatever the reason, figure it out before you contact a website developer.

Custom Websites For Small Businesses

Using a local web development company rather than attempting to build a website yourself is usually the most cost-effective way to make a custom website that looks great and is an effective lead-generation tool. Hiring a web design company to create your small business website is the same as hiring a mechanic to fix a vehicle or having an AC company install a new air conditioner. You’re better off having a local web design company create, manage and monitor your small business website than you are trying to do it yourself.

The person or web design company you hire to build your small business website should do the following:

  • A logical domain name that makes sense and is easy to recite

  • Website is a clear and direct reflection of your business

  • Contact information is prominently displayed

  • Concise call to action directing people to purchase something or contact you

  • SEO-friendly website that is optimized to perform well in Google

WIX Versus WordPress Websites

Avoid using web builders like WIX even if another web developer has recommended it to build your website. It is an option many small business owners choose because of their lack of knowledge about website building. WIX is unsuitable for SEO, so if you plan to have most of your website come from organic search, you’ll want a WordPress website built for your small business. You’ll never see the same results as using a WordPress website. We won’t optimize a WIX using our SEO tactics because we know it wastes the website owner’s marketing money.

WordPress websites are affordable when you work with a web developer who specializes in using them as a content management system for websites. It is a trusted CMS that many micro, small and mid-size companies use as their website platform. WordPress has thousands of plugins and themes that add customization and functionality to the base installation.

Small Business Web Design Packages

Custom small business web design packages are much more affordable than you may think. Most web development companies offer affordable web design packages for small business owners. Some will provide a cookie-cutter website package where you’ll pick from a pre-built theme, and then others, like SoFloWeb, will design a website from scratch to match your existing branding to your online representation.

Web design packages can range in price depending on the type of website you need. WebFX states the average cost to create a website for a small business is $2000 to $10,000.

Based on our web development rates, if it’s an informational website, your online small business website usually costs around $1500,┬áconsisting of a homepage, services page, about us page and a contact us page. We also include content writing and on-page optimization (SEO). Our clients pay an average price for a custom small business website of around $4000. Most clients also opt for monthly content writing services to continue improving and growing their Google rankings for keywords related to the business.

Web development package rates can vary from one provider to another. Small business owners who incorporate an eCommerce shopping system on a website will pay more to build it than if it were only an information website. Depending on the freelance web developer or web development company you choose to work with, you may spend more to create your small business website if it needs specific features like an online quote form, online chat feature or other functionalities like an events calendar.