Easy Social Media Marketing Strategy For Small Business Website Owners

Using social media accounts correctly allows small businesses to connect with their customers, attract new clientele and provide engaging, informative content they’ll want to keep coming back for.

What you post is just as important as how often you post so make sure your content is thoughtful, easy-to-read, relevant and fresh.

Not familiar with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter? Consider hiring a freelance social media manager or a small marketing company to navigate the social world for your company.

Why Social Media Is Important For Small Businesses

Small businesses should implement a social media strategy to grow their target audience. Sometimes, it’s easier said and done for many business owners.

Social media is an important digital marketing tool. Popular social media platforms allow you to connect and engage with consumers. It allows you to share updates about your company, your staff as well as the services or products you offer. By posting on a regular basis, it creates an active social media presence for your business. Majority of online users expect to see recent posts when researching local businesses.

Which Social Media Is Best For Your Company?

That’s a good question. It all depends on the type of business you own and how dedicated you are to posting on your social media pages.

Facebook & Linkedin

For starters, we recommend starting with Facebook and Linkedin. These two social media platforms will create an online presence for your company. People researching local companies may check here to learn more about your business.


Small business owners who have an ample supply of photo opportunities should set up a business account on Instagram. If you do not take a lot of pictures, you may want to skip creating an account.


Many companies also use Twitter to connect with people in their local area. If your business has a lot of information to share, we recommend creating a Twitter account. Business owners who do not use Twitter on a regular basis often refrain from creating an account for their business.

Other Social Media Platforms To Consider

There are many options for small business owners other than the usual social media platforms we just mentioned. TikTok and SnapChat are also popular choices for businesses to use. You can create videos to engage with users.

How Do I Market My Business Using Social Media

Just starting out or you’re struggling to come up with ideas for your company’s social media pages? If so, we recommend you read our blog post from earlier this year – Social Media Marketing Tips For Facebook & Instagram Beginners

To expand on what we recommended, here are a few things you can do to market your business:

Don’t Over Promote Your Business

If every social media post you share consists of sales messaging, you’ll quickly lose followers.

Create Engaging and Informative Posts

The best way to convince consumers to choose your company is to educate about your industry, services and products without “selling them”.

Share Personalized Content

Stories and photos of your business and your staff are a great way to humanize your company.

Address Negative Comments Quickly

Sometimes you may end up with post comments or page reviews that are bad. If so, don’t ignore them, respond to them. Other users will see your company making an effort to resolve an issue.

What Should Be In Your Social Media Strategy

You should absolutely have a small business social media strategy in place even if it consists of you posting once a month to your pages. While we don’t think this is a good strategy, it is better than no plan at all.

The most ideal strategy is to post once a week to your accounts. Create posts that vary in content style to mix it up. Keep an eye on your page insights to determine what type of content does best and use it to develop better content for your followers.