How Can I Optimize My Website For Voice Search?

Voice search has become more detailed and specific as users become savvier at asking Google for the exact product, service or information they desire to find using voice commands.

When optimizing web pages for speak-to-voice search results, choose keywords, especially long-tail phrases, that people would commonly search for using the voice features on their devices.

If you want to capture the top spot in search results for voice-related searches, take the time to research and create well-written content that answers their specific question.

Expand Your Keyword Targets For Voice Searches

The days of landing page one ranking in organic search for targeted single-word keywords are long gone. While it can still happen, it’s rare. Instead, consider focusing on long-tail keywords to gain more organic traffic.

The Way People Search Has Changed

Ten years ago, we were still using our computers and laptops most of the time to search online, and that has changed. The user would type in a word or two to find what they were looking for. Now, people are more likely to be more specific by using more keywords or like to enter their search query as a complete question.

Android and iPhone Speech-to-Text Searching Assistants

Android and iPhone speech-to-text searching assistants, have revolutionized how smartphone users use their devices to search for answers or solutions quickly. These virtual assistants, such as Google Assistant and Siri, enable users to speak their search queries instead of typing them. This method is preferred while multitasking or for those struggling with traditional typing. With AI technology learning to mimic natural human interaction, these voice-activated assistants are continuously evolving, offering more accurate and personalized experiences for users across the globe.

Speak to Voice Devices

One of the benefits of optimizing content and META using long-tail keywords and phrases is to optimize web pages for speaking to voice assistant devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. By targeting longer keyword phrases, you are more likely to have your website indexed in voice device search results.

Google Search Results For Voice Command

How Can I Optimize My Website For Voice Search?

Set a goal to go after at least one of the featured answer positions in Google organic results besides just trying to land in the top 10 organic ranking positions. Here are two spots you want your web pages to appear for related searches.

Google Search Results – People Also Ask

You’ve searched for something in Google, and just below the paid ads, you’ll find the “People also ask” questions. You’ll need to do some research to figure out what are some of the most common questions that your website users or customers ask. Once you figure it out, create well-written and informative content to target these multi-word keywords.

Google’s Featured Snippet

The chances of landing this lucrative spot may seem complicated. However, it can be done. While you may not snatch the top spot for single or double-word keywords, you may be able to land a few by creating quality content using related long-tail keywords and phrases.

Our Digital Marketing Agency Can Help Find New Long-Tail Keywords To Target

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